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The effort I had to make to learn Tinderbox (and implement GTD) has paid dividends that far exceed the price of the software and updates. For anyone who is willing to go to the trouble of learning Tinderbox, I cannot recommend this software too highly. I have given this software five stars for the same reason that I would assign five stars to a symphony by Hindemith or a late quartet by Beethoven. None of this is for the faint of heart. If you don't like it it's your fault, not the fault of the software.

My friend the composer says,

Up ’til the Hindemith, I thought he was recommending it!

Incidentally, we’re going to be showing some Tinderbox Six previews over on the Facebook page. I’ll try to call them out here, too, with a little extra technical detail, but it won’t hurt to keep half an eye on Facebook too if you’re eager for a look. Lots of news coming.