September 26, 2021
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A Future

Dave Rogers writes that he is “kind of excited because it seems we are undergoing another renaissance in software development in the category of "tools for thought," or as Douglas Engelbart might have said ‘augmenting the mind.’ ”

Tinderbox, the application I'm using right now, is one of them as well; and I'm pretty familiar with it. Tinderbox being something of an outlier, appearing at the tail end of the last renaissance, but benefiting from a committed developer and a large enough user base to ensure a certain level economic viability, allowing it to endure to the current resurgence of interest.

He speculates on the current shift from social media back toward blogging — or perhaps something better than blogging.

If we want a better world, we've got to get about the serious business of inventing it. Right fucking now.

Is blogging a part of that? I think so.

And I know that Tinderbox is a tool for invention.

Another record turnout this Saturday for our free online course on using Tinderbox for weblogs. Not just page construction and mechanics, but the hard work of crafting a writing space and planning posts you haven’t begun to imagine. Saturdays, noon Eastern time, and now we’re adding a second class Fridays, 6PM Eastern time which is 8am in Sydney. The new time is not set in stone: if you have suggestions, Email me.