September 10, 2001


Reaction to the US government's decision to let Microsoft off the hook has been strangely muted. In essence, it appears the Bush administration is happy to let Microsoft's punishment for the crimes of which is has been convicted amount to a promise that it won't break the law so flagrantly in the future. Criminal justice, it appears, is to be swift and stern unless you're Microsoft.

Microsoft's pending promise to behave has apparently been broken in advance. Reportedly, if you mistype a URL in the new MSIE browser, you won't see an error message. Instead, Microsoft's browser will automatically send you to an Microsoft search page.

Coupled with the recent stem-cell policy, this policy may well lead US research teams to consider moving to institutes in Canada, Europe, and Japan. And look for US Computer Science enrollments to plummet, as students move on to the next big thing.