September 4, 2001


BloggerdyDoc (is "bloggerdy" an adjective?), an intriguing weblog by comparative media scholar Elin Sjursen, debuts at a new (and unmemorable) URL.

Someone should take a good look at clustering phenomena in Web logs. For example, consider the interesting and active cluster of media-theory Scandinavian-flavored weblogs from Sjursen, Walker, Klastrup, Frasca, Miles, and others. The Web design community has recently been sharply critical of co-citation practices, which some regard as merely a way for elites to reinforce their influence and which has led to the suspension of and K10K pending the arrival of cooler heads. I suspect, though, that these clusters are more interesting, and less strictly political, than they may seem at first -- perhaps a visible manifestation of discipline-formation in proceess.