Wednesday, April 14, 2004
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Making Email even worse

Yesterday, we needed to send email to a customer who'd given us a special email address so, if the spammers got a hold of the address he'd know to blame us.

Only problem was: the address didn't work. So he'd complain "why aren't you answering my mail?", and we'd send another copy, and it would bounce again.

Another email bounced because an overzealous server somewhere thinks we're a spammer.

Then, I wrote an email note to a colleague half way round the world, answering a question and offering a nice price break. It bounced, because he doesn't know his own email address.

Email is in trouble; busy people don't have time for this stuff. Want to kill email even faster? Just keep trying to beat spam with silly address games. If you can't remember your own address long enough to configure your email software properly, don't be surprised when you colleagues seem to ignore you.