Monday, April 12, 2004
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Cleaning out my studio, I came across lots of dust.

Fixing up a bad filing system offers unique puzzlements. Perhaps an Information Architect would have come up with a better solution than to file various letters under Girlfriends: Other? Oy.

Here's the cover of Wargle, a computer game I wrote back before Eastgate. Incredibly, Google uncovers a bunch of cheat codes. Who would have thought?

I'm toying with the idea of posting some of my sketches. Not because they're good — they're awful, my ambition in the whole Learn To Draw program has been to eventually catch up to your middle-of-the-road talented high school kid. But it seems to me that it's nice to share little sketches and paintings, that it's pleasant to offer something to look at in the odd spare moment, perhaps to improve yourself or stick for a day on your wallpaper or your corkboard if you feel like it.

Or is it all a waste of bandwidth?