April 24, 2013
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That’s a screen shot of a new prototype of Patchwork Girl by Shelley Jackson, running of OS X Mountain Lion.

We’ve got two separate projects building toward a new generation Storyspace. This is the first project, built on raw Cocoa with a fresh implementation of almost everything. Call that one “Hot Chocolate.”

There’s also an ambitious second project, built on the technology platform that Tinderbox uses. Twelve years ago, the first cut of that platform was code-named Hereford, so call this fresh implementation “Cool Cider” since cider, it seems, is the drink of Hereford.

Hot Chocolate will become the foundation for a generation of iPad readers for hypertexts written with Storyspace.

Cool Cider will become the foundation for Storyspace.

Now, what goes well with apples and chocolate?