April 16, 2018
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Penzey’s Spice

Since the Trump disaster began, Penzey’s Spices has unabashedly stood for a free and decent America. This weekend, they outdid themselves.

The promotion offered a free 8-spice sampler, featuring some of the best ad copy I’ve ever read.

With the revelations of this week the time has come for us all to stop pretending that what is happening in America is in any way normal. Right now we are in a struggle for the Heart and Soul of our country. It is a struggle we can’t allow ourselves to lose.

America matters, not just to us but to the world. The forces both foreign and domestic who’ve worked to shape the Republican Party into what it is today knew what they were doing. As long as America is America there is hope in all the corners of the world. Shut off our light and hope fades, opening the door for corruption to take hold.

The spice sampler is billed as the “American Soul” package. What’s in American Soul?

Even better, the enclosed recipe book urges you to bake a pie, because pies are American. Better still, bake two pies, because it’s really no extra trouble, and give one to a neighbor. That’s really American.

Locally, I hear they had lines out the door. Penzey’s sent out a followup email apologizing for running out, not only of promotional boxes, but of the custom-made spice bottles they use to make more. Rain checks for all!

Innocent people don’t do what this administration is doing. If you go along with this you are lost. Please don’t be lost. Snap out of it. Too many people need you. If you give up your values and replace them with his it will be at least a decade before the young people in your life respect you again.