August 16, 2007

More Wikipedia

At 7:33pm, Marbaehr created a little wikipedia page about Tinderbox. At 7:34 pm, Jauerback tagged it for speedy deletion, because it didn't assert the importance or significance of its subject strongly enough. (Of course, if it did this, someone could object that it's advertising, or non-neutral, or something like that). As 7:50, Marbaehr figured out how to put the "hold on!" tag on the deletion. There were ten edits within the hour.

I wonder if those wikipedians have time to read Catch-22 ? It's certain that you can't expect busy and sane adults to keep up with such a fierce and dedicated patrol. (Funny, though, how there's no one-minute response patrol protecting wikipedia from pages that tell us the blood type and measurements of minor Japanese porn actress, New Mexican burger franchises, forgotten computer games from 1985, pinup artists who didn't quite make it, the metropolis of Liberal, Kansas , and the politics of the town of Aberdeen (where, I'm told, there is many a bonnie Jean). I have no quarrel with Virginia State Route 895 which runs from Bensley to Varina, and nobody else seems to, either, nor with Megumi Kudo (professional wrestler, retired ten years ago), or Garfield Goose, a puppet on a Chicago kid's TV show fifty years ago.

That's all, folks!