2 May

Watertown, MA

38. Downy Woodpecker
Blue Jay
39. American Goldfinch
40. Baltimore Oriole
Canada Goose
41. Yellow Warbler
42. Yellow-rumped Warbler
vireo sp.
43. Double-crested Cormorant
Common Grackle

10 March

Austin, Texas

30. Canvasback duck
31. Snowy Egret (near Elgin, Texas)
American Kestrel
Red-tail hawk
32. Red-shouldered hawk (near Elgin, Texas)
33. American coot
34. Great Blue Heron (13 March)
35. Black Swan (?)
36. Mourning dove
37. Blue Jay

8 March

College Station, Texas. Thanks, Ellen Ratoosh!

17. Black Vulture
18. Turkey Vulture
19. Red-tailed hawk
20. American kestrel
21. Loggerhead shrike
22. Cave swallow
23. Cardinal
24. Great-tailed grackle
25. Common grackle
26. Brown-headed cowbird
27. Sandhill Crane
28. Snow goose (with flock of cranes in flight)
29. Belted Kingfisher

21 February

Belmont: school pond. 30 Common Mergansers, most of them already paired off and courting.

16. Common Merganser

13 January

First birding expedition of the year, and afternoon trip to Cape Anne. First real chance to use the new Zeisses. First chance to meet other birders in full birder plumage, equipped with Zeisses instead of my trusty old (and really quite good) Nikon 8s. Of course, they're the new Zeiss binoculars, and Massachusetts birders like tradition: you meet birders every Spring in Mt. Auburn that carry grandma's original Peterson.

5. Common eider
6. Red breasted merganser
7. Bufflehead
8. Mallard
9. Common loon (f, tricky)
10. Harlequin duck
11. Gadwall
12. Greater black backed gull
13. American crow
14. Black duck
15. Canada goose

8 January 2001
  • 2. Rock Dove
  • 3. Starling
  • 4. Mute Swan in the Mystic River, Medford.
5 January 1. Dark eyed juncos in the driveway snow. New binoculars (thanks, Linda!) Happy New Year.

21 October 2000

Great Meadows

A flock of Tufted Titmice at Great meadows. You see individual TT's all the time, playing with the chickadees, but I haven't run across an entire flock before.

Also Canada Goose, Mallard, Black Duck, ?Common Grackle, Green-winged Teal, American Crow, Black-capped chickadee,


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