Sunday, December 22, 2002
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I'm still not old enough

Thanks to Prof. Mortensen, we revived a lapsed family tradition (Linda's) last night and made immense amounts of gløgg. (I just love typing that word. )

We mixed and matched from all of Torill's recipies. We did ignite the brandy to carmelize the sugar; Linda's father was a maitre'd, flaming was part of the holiday ritual, and sacrificing a small bit of brandy for the sake of carmelizing the sugar seemed a reasonable trade.

There was plenty more brandy left for fortifying the gløgg. Gløgg, by the way, is potent stuff; Linda's first reaction was, "I'm still not old enough to drink this." Insidious, too: the second and third and fourth cup go down very easily.

Next year, I wonder whether we might try adding some dried cherries and blueberries, to go along with those tasty raisins and almonds? Or is that a heresy?