Saturday, December 21, 2002
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Photography and Design

An important genre in design circles this year has been the photo portfolio. Just as self-promotional work from designers often features their purest vision, the web portfolios of professional photographers (and, even more, those of serious amateurs) offer lots of food for thought.

Sometimes, simply the word of someone you respect is enough to change your experience. Ross Evertson's snapshots, Heading West, wouldn't have impressed me much if, say, my niece had shown them as an example of what her Kodak could do, but when mschidt recommends a site at K10K, I look twice. Take a look, for example, at this image. If it were my work, I might have tossed it aside without a second thought. But there's something interesting working here, and it's not just the formal balance of the diagonal composition.

Who is she? What's she doing in these pictures? Why is the camera blurred -- what was the rush?