December 12, 2002


At Eastgate, we're starting a new Web magazine, Tekka.

Tekka will be about enjoying new media and creating beautiful software. Serious reading for serious readers. Ideas and tools.

Tekka is going to be fun. We're going to create a market for good writing and solid thinking about the art of software and the craft of hypertext. Tekka will be edited by Anja Rau, the immensely-talented young hypertext critic whose skillful probes have inspired so much discussion this year. (Her weblog, Flickwerk, is fine reading)

Tekka won't be for everybody. No kid stuff, no management fluff. Tekka will assume you know how to use your computer. If you just want to know what to buy at the mall, Tekka's not for you. If you need to create a new program, a new Web site, or a new company, Tekka assumes you can get it done.

There's nothing more important happening right now than the great flowering of software that's about to unfold. You don't want to sit back and watch this. You want to be a part of it. (Odds are, if you're reading this, you are.)

Charter subscriptions are $50. Someday, lots of people will say, "Oh, sure, I was part of Tekka from the start." Subscribe right away, and you can feel good when you say this.