Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Tinderbox Discussion

A nice discussion is ongoing at 43 Folders, on whether Tinderbox merits a pricetag that's significantly higher than some "scratchpad" apps.

It's the only thing I've ever seen that lets me write one document and then generate several other documents based on it by filtering and transforming based on metadata. Once you've gotten used to it, how natural it is is scary. The little icons in the outline, for example, yellow with age. The little icons also show the basic shape of each note's contents. God it's awesome. -- Arthur A. Vanderbilt
It's worth it if your information is in any way complex; if you start with random thoughts and build towards a linear structure; if you use multiple "views" onto the same information; if you work by making connections between individual ideas. I am a professional writer & I wouldn't want to do without Tinderbox now, any more than I'd want to do without my WP. -- Michael Bywater
If you're serious about learning how to use Tinderbox, you might want to attend an upcoming Tinderbox Weekend. These are intensive training sessions over the course of a weekend that can really help both new and experienced Tinderbox users get even more out of the software.... I *always* have at least two, if not more Tinderbox documents open. This software is definitely worth not just the investment of $145 to buy it, but the time and effort you'll invest in learning how to make it really do tricks. -- Doug Miller