February 22, 2002
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Great Sports moments

All-time top sports moments, personal, including things seen on television but excluding reruns. (I'm missing some; jog my memory?)

  1. Keri Strug
  2. Bucky Fucking Dent
  3. Day before the wedding, Wrigley Field
  4. Brunansky's Catch: Sox win the pennant
  5. Bill Buckner
  6. Marino's fake spike
  7. Talking strategy with Cardinal pitching coach Claude Osteeen before a game, circa 1985
  8. Sarah Hughes
  9. Red Sox-Angels, game 5 (1986)
  10. Ernie Banks home run, opening day, circa 1971
  11. The Drive
  12. White Sox beat Yankees in 14, 1961 (my first game)
  13. Padres sweep the Cubs
  14. Mets-Astros, game 6 (I was there)
  15. Patriots win the Super Bowl
  16. Clemens' hit