February 14, 2002
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Weblogs in business

The Mouse Driver Chronicles is a new book by John Lusk and Kyle Harrison about "the true-life adventures of two first-time entrepreneurs. As they started their company, they kept a journal:

There's only one thing that Kyle and I did that most entrepreneurs don't do: we kept an ongoing record of what was happening with out company. We started a diary during the first summer of our venture, making entries roughly every other day, just as an exercise in collecting our thoughts and blowing off steam. We wrote about the realities of everyday life as entrepreneurs -- the screwups and masterstrokes, the boredom, excitement, dumb luck, humor, and mood swings that crom from creating a product and a business out of an idea.

In time, they began sharing the journal with email subscribers; now it's a weblog.

Mood meter: ...The economy sucks, the instability of entrepreneurship is starting to wear on us, and this whole "work out of your apartment" gig is getting really, really old. But...never in our lives has either one of us been this excited.