February 3, 2005
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Space Pens

Space Pens
You've got Tinderbox for your notes, but if you're on the move a lot, you also need a reliable way to capture ideas and tasks when Tinderbox isn't handy. When you're taxiing to the runway, or sketching in a cafe, or caught in traffic -- you need a way to jot down that crucial note.

Whether you use a Moleskine or a Pocket Briefcase, you also need a pen. And people kept telling us at Eastgate about the Fisher Space Pen. It folds up tiny, but expands to full size. It writes anywhere. It's reliable, refillable, and you don't need to treat it with kid gloves.

Especially while Eastgate's offering some nifty hard-to-find models (some with PDA nibs on back end) at really special prices.