February 21, 2005
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The more things change

Nick is writing a story about seeing your own name in someone else's weblog.

Feedster tells me that Daniel Pellón says:

El artículo de Mark repartía consejos para escribir insuflando vida en las sedes.

Sedes? My high-school Spanish just dropped the ball -- I'm translating by the seat of my pants, yes, but that can't be right. But, looking back at HypertextNow and Writing The Living Web, Pellón argues

Desde este punto de vista el tiempo no se ha acelerado tanto y nuestras prácticas siguen muchas de sus rutinas.

(Pellón's weblog, comunisfera, is one of the very few weblogs that use green effectively.)

Actually, I think weblogging has changed a lot since 2002. We have more blogs. We have comments (unfortunately, in my opinion). We have flickr and feedster and technorati linking blogs together. We have political blogs with tremendous influence. Some of us have Tinderbox.

But the old lessons still sound good. Write tight. Make good friends. Choose good enemies. Use your archives. Be sexy. Relax!