February 15, 2005
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Tinderbox in Coffee

Alwin Hawkins immersed his Powerbook in coffee shortly before his excellent Tinderbox Weekend talk. It survived unhurt.

He's a lot too modest about the talk, too.

Weblogging not just good for you. If you let them, people can learn from you through your blog via sharing knowledge, links, and skills that you possess.

Alwin's experience, and my recent escapade with a bad Powerbook disk, have led me to change my backup goals. For the past couple of years, the goal has been not to loose anything we can't afford to replace -- insurance. Now, at least for the laptops, the goal is more stringent: if a laptop breaks at a bad time, we want to be able to go down to the store, buy a replacement, and clone the old one right away.

It's surprising how inexpensive the new goal seems to be.