February 12, 2010
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John Gruber notices a fascinating Web phenomenon.

Mike Metanson wrote a nice essay about Facebook’s business strategy and published it on a fairly popular Web site. Google noticed the article, and indexed it. Since the headline is about Facebook wanting to be the one true login, one place that Google lists the article is “Facebook login”.

The comments of this page are now filled with users who, one after the other, googled “facebook login” in order to log into Facebook. That’s how they use the Web; the Google and assume that the first listing is what they want. When they see this article, they don’t say,

Oops! This is an article about logging into Facebook! I’m in the wrong place!

No indeed. They assume that this is some strange new Facebook design, and they don't like it one bit.

please give me back the old facebook login this is crazy.................(Nancy Morgan)
I was just learning,why would you mess it up? (Richard Gordon)
I am not happy!!!,I was starting to feel comfortable with it now I am all confuse How do I sign in? (Victoria Pichardo)

This goes on and on and on. There are hundreds of these. Occasionally, someone will say, "No, folks; you’re in the wrong place. The line is over there!"