July 23, 2016
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Tinderbox 6.2.2

We delivered a new Tinderbox yesterday, with some nice improvements in maps and some important infrastructure. This was, as these things go, a fairly small release, intended to clear the decks for the start of Tinderbox 7.

This makes a new user’s post in the Tinderbox Forum all the more welcome.

I bought Tinderbox in the most recent Summerfest.

Today I got to experience one of the pleasures of joining the TB club:a new release! Grin

The list of improvements was more extensive than I expected. Very nice.

No grander message than that, but I fully admit to always getting a little thrill from installing updated software.

We do lots of Tinderbox releases: seven new versions in the last twelve months. Backstage, we’ve had 54 new versions in the past year (and that doesn’t include Storyspace releases or the preview of my hypertext school Decline and Fall).