Next Tuesday, we’re having a special election for US Senator from Massachusetts. This is the seat vacated by John Kerry’s nomination as Secretary of State, and for lots of reasons this could be an important seat to hold. Our excellent long-term Representative, Ed Markey, is running against a Republican venture capitalist.

Special elections hinge on ground game: you’ve got to Get Out The Vote, because no one expects an election in June. I’m doing morning food for GOTV for two towns. No catering facilities in the staging areas, and no equipment: everything’s got to be pretty much grab and go.

I’m thinking mostly scones — some savory, mostly sweet — and maybe some little brioches stuffed with cream cheese and smoked fish. I figure, any change from donuts has got to be welcome.

I started a thread at eGullet last night and it’s attracted some great suggestions, from sausage biscuits to farinata.