March 8, 2003
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Kitchen Query

We're planning to rebuild our kitchen. The approach is simple and, to anyone who has seen our kitchen, obvious: rent a dumpster, toss the current kitchen into it, and start over. High time.

But it turns out that I need to decide right now whether I need a 36" or 48" range, or if I can manage with a 30" four-burner affair. Do you have advice? Do indoor grills ever work out? Email

One problem is that I need to plan a kitchen for the cooking I'll be doing in five or ten years. I've always worked in bad kitchens. I learned most of my cooking on a cheap and malfunctioning electric range in a grad student apartment. I've had the kitchen with no place to chop, the kitchen with one burner, the kitchen with one pot, one pan, and two forks. (The bring-your-own-fork five-course dinner party was memorable, all in all) I don't need to recreate the bad kitchens, or perpetuate the bad habits they gave me. Where to begin?