March 19, 2003
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Over the top

Talking Points Memo offers a long and thoughtful assessment of where we stand, as the US prepares to go over the top and Bush launches a long-sought war. Josiah Micah Marshall, writing of Spain's promise to mobilize its air force if Turkey is attacked, says:

There's only so much levity that's appropriate at a moment like this. But this one pretty much comes with the levity already installed.

The central point is that we've turned the corner. The fight for peace has been lost. We need to pull back, gather our strength, and do our best to salvage whatever piece we can.

After this comes Iran, Syria, perhaps also Southern Lebanon, and more. And I don't mean calling them names. I mean, taking them out.

The vision of what we're trying to get is go out and give the hornets nest a few whacks and get them all out in the open and have it out with them once and for all. If that sounds scary to you, it should.