Wednesday, March 31, 2004
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Big Chicken

Torill visits the Big Apple, visits Costco, and tries to finish a Big Chicken. Her New York friend says "It's the best chicken ever," but she's dubious. How did it get so big?

I'm curious: what New York chicken inspired such a boisterous claim? I mean, the Empire kosher chickens are pretty good, as chickens go, but I wouldn't make a tsimmes of them. And Eberly free-range chickens are nice, but in my experience they're usually small. Besides, for what the Cambridge Museum of Fruits and Vegetables charges, you want to find a small chicken!

Anyway, everything I read tells me that chickens abroad are much tastier than any American chicken, even the hypereducated free-range chicken. Joyce Chen talks a lot, for example, about chicken back in rural China.

Big Chicken

This is the Campo De'Fiori, not the Museum. But, speaking of fruits and vegetables....