Tuesday, March 2, 2004
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Tinderbox In Flight

In the Tinderbox wiki, Zarzura describes a novel literary project:

As a passionate flight simmer I have just started a simulated Around-The-World-Trip with an old DC-3. The really new thing about this venture is, that I am going to publish a live literary travel report with photos.

It's a wild project -- a combination of research, writing, and play.

I also do research on the airports and cities I am going to visit - all this information is stored and organized in Tinderbox. Additionally I am grabbing realtime world news, that might affect my story and keep them in my TB-file. Finally I use Tinderbox to develop the cast, write up the actual story and to produce the HTML-Code of the travel report.

When he writes that, "This is for sure the craziest thing I have ever done with the computer," you can understand the perspective. But it sounds like a lot of fun -- a lot mote fun that just making another touch-and-go at Meiggs -- and it should be an interesting story.