Monday, March 1, 2004
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Tinderbox and Planning

Gavin Sade shares a snapshot of a Tinderbox project plan.

Tinderbox and Planning

I think it's particularly interesting that, having used Tinderbox to sketch out the plan, he's now wondering if the plan is right.

Unfortunately the diagram appears to present a typical 'waterfall' production model. This may in part be the result of the method of visualisation. Note the connections between key stages and the 'design guidelines'. These both inform each stage and are refined throughout the process.

So often, visualization tools are used merely to prepare pretty reports that reassure managers or make the creator feel better; it's reassuring to see that Tinderbox leads to new questions, not just chart junk. (It's also nice that the Tinderbox is so malleable; you can make a copy, move everything around, and see if you like the new plan more than the old.)