March 16, 2016
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My fantasy baseball rivals Henry Olsen and Dante Scala are burning up the political wires this year.

Wondering yesterday about whether it is precisely right to say that “Caesar’s armies swept the armies of the Republic before him,” I was struck by how hard it is to find anyone like Donald Trump in our political stories. The mixture of ignorance, carelessness, bombast, combativeness, vanity, and bad taste cannot be unique, but where in all our stories do we find anyone at all like this?

Perkin Warbeck? Richard II? I suppose you could make a case for Marlowe’s Edward II, but Edward doesn’t especially want to be king, he simply is king and there you are.

Nero, maybe? Or Vitellius?

When you have to reach this far, we’re deeply into uncharted territory. We’re hip deep in the Big Muddy…