March 20, 2020
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Plague 1: Dry-fried Chicken (ganbian ji 干煸鸡)

Last night: Dry-fried Chicken (ganbian ji 干煸鸡) from . surprisingly good. Made with with stuff on hand, substituting asparagus for green pepper. It’s an emergency!

Estimates for Q2 GDP changes are very modest — down 12%, maybe down 24%. I don’t see how that’s possible. Everyone is going to get laid off; I don't think there's an independent restaurant in our city that will survive. Lots of people won’t be able to make rent — and a lot of the people to whom they pay rent are the family upstairs, who count on the rent check to make ends meet. Even if you can work from home, the productivity loss is enormous: I’m good at this, and getting my workflow right on a new MacBook Pro has meant installing a half dozen apps — Transmit, Slack, DropDmg, SD Notary, Tot, a big Xcode update — and attendant fiddling and registration and whatnot. A quarter that was down 24% would be unprecedented, but I can’t imagine how we could achieve it.