March 21, 2020
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Plague 2: Lamb

Dinner update #2: lamb shoulder, Brussels sprouts, steak fries, les heretiques. Pecan pie.

Lamb was 24hr sous vide at 137F With garlic and dried rosemary, finished on grill. Excellent. very tender, flavorful. 137 was just short of medium; might try 133 next time.

Brussels sprouts: chop and render 2 slices bacon. Reserve bacon, keep fat. Saute sprout over med-high heat until slightly charred, salt, cheap “balsamic“ in quantity. Reduce to a thick glaze. Add the bacon.

The new continues dismal. I sent a memo to all our local officials, following up on a memo I sent nine days back, pointing out apparent hazards that seem not to have been publicly addressed. I’m far from convinced local officials understand the enormity of the situation, or that they have resources to do more than react to immediate crying needs. Soon, a wave of disaster will overwhelm us all.