March 23, 2020
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Plague 4: Sugo de Spezzatino

Plague 4: Sugo de Spezzatino

Plague dinner #4: Sugo de Spezzatino, , noodles, home-made biscuits, Rosso Toscano.

Nice pot roast of chuck, tomatoes, celery, onion, juniper and sage with a little hot pepper. I would have made some pasta, but we’re running low on eggs. There’s lots of sugo left, so fresh pasta next time.

Ruhlman 312 biscuits were good! These weeks will be the rennIsance of American baking if the King Arthur Flour people can keep it together.

The president last night floated a trial balloon to left the disease go ahead and run its course, killing perhaps 10 million Americans, in order to prop up the economy.