March 26, 2020
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Plague 7: Ribeye

Plague dinner #7: rösti potatoes (because we’re watching The Restuarant/Vår tid är nu), grilled ribeye. Shiraz/Viognier. Brownies. Happy birthday to my beloved.

and so it begins....

Ventured outside for first time, risking peril in order to acquire food. Rationing of eggs, milk, tomato sauce. Bread flour unavailable in the market, not even for ready money.

It wouldn’t be pretty, but we might be able to hold out for a month.

I told the cashier, “Thank you for your service.” I believe this wrong to say to ex-military (ww2 excepted) but apt for grocery store personnel who continue to work despite the risk.

The apparent indifference of local leaders to the looming catastrophe is alarming: while we face mass deaths, they fiddle at the margins with errand running and sewing ineffective masks. We need 16000 ventilators next week, but people seem to assume that someone else will take care of it. We need a million N95 respirators right now; the leaders are asking people to check their closets.

This focus on minutiae in the face of catastrophe baffles me. “Do your job” is good advice for normal plays, but not now: today, it’s “someone tackle that guy or we will lose the game and the season.” Is the seeming indifference a catholic assumption that God will provide, or that we should give up because it is all in His hands?

We are facing a terrible reckoning.

People who should know better are spreading misinformation. Don’t do that. If you are distributing information and any detail is wrong, fix it. If you’re not sure, do the research or call someone who can.