April 3, 2020
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Plague Dinner 15

Braised beef chuck with tomatoes and mushrooms, mashed russet potatoes with sour cream and butter. Chataeux de Birot Côtes de Bordeaux. Pumpkin pie.

That was the last of the pumpkin pie. It may be some time before the next pie, as our butter reserves are far from ample. This morning I began curing a brisket for pastrami and prepped duck legs for confit; we should have procured more duck legs when we had the chance.  

These meals are not dietetic. Right now, I’m guessing that the short-term advantages of being well nourished before we catch the plague outweigh the risks of heart disease. If we don’t survive the coming weeks, the long range doesn't matter.

The ghastly numbers that Trump and Gov. Baker are repeating may be wildly optimistic.