May 25, 2002
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Real Time Weblogs

Dave Winer has been fascinated by the idea of live blogging during a conference. Tinderbox is probably an exceptionally good tool for doing this. It's fast: that's important when you want to get things down right away. It doesn't bog down if the network is slow or flaky: even at conferences that offer wireless internet connections, people often find that the connection fails at the worst moment.

One of the surprises about live blogging, it seems, is that the ergonomics favor big laptops over small ones -- TiBooks are comfortable on your lap, while those little Vaio subnotebooks require more balancing. If you've got the big screen, Tinderbox maps make good use of it! (And they can amuse your neighbors as well as your weblog audience)

Tinderbox also offers a clean way to write notes that are private, and to move them quickly but intentionally into the public sphere. Moving notes back to privacy is sometimes necessary, and equally easy.

(More on this topic: Reiter, Nicoll . See jill/txt today for more on the changing blogscape)