November 20, 2016

Jew-Tagging and Wikipedia

Wikipedia likes to make lists, both explicit lists (Kentucky Derby Winners, American Pornographic Actresses, My Little Pony Episodes) and implicit lists that are retrievable by category. Readers may recall, for example, the brouhaha that arose not long ago when Wikipedia decided to remove all the women from American Novelists and move them to the American Women Novelists.

This sort of tom-foolery strikes most observers as innocent nerdishness, but it might have its darker side.

The alt-right fascisti – who, remember, will control the US government starting next month – have realized that Wikipedia categories are the perfect vehicle for making a comprehensive database listing every notable American Jew. One result of this ongoing effort is continuous Wikipedia debate (for example, here) concerning whether one individual or another is a Jew under the definition of the Nuremberg Race Laws.