November 3, 2016
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Those Trojan Girls

Those Trojan Girls

Those Trojan Girls is an exciting new hypertext fiction. It’s available now, for macOS, at an introductory price of $14.95 – a $10 discount.

Cassandra used to be really popular. Three years ago she went totally goth, but for her classmates, goth is over. Nobody has time for that shit. Cassie stands (in torn jeans) athwart the road of history shouting “Stop!” and she is right – but there are good and necessary reasons she’s wrong, too.

Those Trojan Girls is meant to be fun, but it’s not a game. It does have a princess who requires rescue, but she’s rescued at the beginning by a black limousine that will either drive her to an undisclosed location or, if things don’t work out, take her straight to prison. Before she leaves, she explains things to Polly Xena, the head girl of her boarding school.

Wake up, Polly. That’s why it’s called a revolution. It’s supposed to make your head spin. Or roll. The new lot have started a war. Daddy has a visit from prime minister, and Katie says ‘Run.’ I’m running. Next month, you can tell me what an ass I’ve been. I’m not the smartest horse, but I’m well trained.

The problem isn’t saving the princess: the problem is the wreckage she will leave. A 21st-century School Story, based on The Trojan Women.