Nov 17 14 2017



The first restaurant I ever visited based on a Facebook recommendation. It’s Monday night — a low Monday in newly-offseason Madeira— and I’m looking for an early dinner after missing lunch. Mula’s all about mussels and all about good, informal, multilingual service with discretely communal tables and a real effort to make tourists feel welcome without making them feel like marks.

Nifty decor with lots of fresh concrete. Some nifty Portuguese wines, and an unusual effort to make a case for beer pairings.

Smoked cod is really nice, and the anchovies were good. The mussels were dandy, too.

I’m off to the International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling, where I’m giving a little workshop paper on “Thoughts On Some Moral Question Concerning Story In Hypertext Narrative”. I’m looking at some questions that came up while I was working on Those Trojan Girls and thinking about the 20th anniversary of Hamlet On The Holodeck.

In the theater, Ophelia drown seven days a week and twice on Sunday, whether we buy a ticket or not. It’s not our fault. On the holodeck, though, it is.

The conference is in Madeira. I’ve never been there. Interesting program: looking forward to it.

by Celeste Ng

The author of the wonderful Everything I Never Told You returns in a new tale of suburbs gone wrong. In placid Shaker Heights, Ohio, the placid house of the Richardson family is afire. Lexie, Trip, and Moody were all away from home. Mr. Richardson is at work, of course, and Mrs. Richardson woke up in plenty of time and she’s fine.

No one knows where the youngest daughter, Izzy, has gone.

Like Ng’s first book, Little Fires Everywhere argues that parents don’t know their kids. Sometimes languorous, this book is beautifully designed and told.