Tuesday, October 8, 2002


One of the nice effects of Sean Carton's Tinderbox review, "The Best IA Tool You Never Heard Of", has been its cheering effect on the brave cadre of Tinderbox users who feel vindicated that the tool they use so much is getting noticed. Inluminent (a small business/marketing weblog writes that

I’m actually quite amazed that ClickZ has published an article solely about Tinderbox from Eastgate systems. Congratulations to Eastgate on the more mainstream coverage. I’d really like to see Pogue or Mossberg write about Tinderbox in one of their upcoming articles though.

I haven’t downloaded Tinderbox, but the promise of its offerings is quite real....

Think about that: the author is a marketing pro, he's not even a Tinderbox user yet, but the article makes him happy anyway. Dave Rogers defines the software industry as ranging from Microsoft to Eastgate. Pierre-Marie Carette, writing from Niort (near Bordeaux), calls for champagne, and Michael Cyntrowicz promises to get out his cava in Barcelona. Andrew Woolridge (cogworks) and Chuck Frey (Innovation Tools) cheer too. Thanks, everyone!