Monday, October 28, 2002

Drug Free. Thought Free.

Last night, I saw two coordinated anti- marijuana ads. First, they're interesting because both assume the viewer intuitively understands the postmodern effect of Coover's The Babysitter: in each, we see the same scene three times, with stoned and stupid kids doing dumb things. Only the last telling turns out badly. In the first ad, two boys are playing around with Daddy's pistol. In the second, a boy is sitting on a couch at a party, and a stoned girl sits down next to him. She can't stop laughing.

In the first ad, the gun suddenly fires.

In the second ad, the boy starts to undo the top button of the girl's blouse.

Something is deeply addled here, and it's not the stoned kids in the ad. Smoke marijuana, you might kill your best friend. Smoke marijuana, your best friend might undo your shirt. Equivalently horrible fates, right? (Linda points out the real message: boys shouldn't get intoxicated because of what they might do, girls because of what might be done to them) Your tax dollars at work.