Wednesday, October 16, 2002


Matt Neuburg urges people to "Light Your Fire With Tinderbox".

Tinderbox is, as I hope I've implied, an inspired piece of work. With its Web capabilities, outliner hierarchy, hyperlinks, lightweight database abilities, and snippet keeping, Tinderbox will surely have something to intrigue you. It's small, it's easy, it's fascinating, and it's cool. I strongly recommend that you download the demo and see for yourself. You may not understand the program fully at first, but keep experimenting; this is a powerful program with many uses, and the possibilities will start to dawn on you as you work with it.

Dave Winer was kind enough to blog the review, even though some people think Tinderbox and RadioUserland are competitors. But we're on the same side: we all need new software, and we need it now. Between the ClickZ review, the TidBits review, and the debuts of some interesting Tinderbox weblogs, Tinderbox has been topping the charts on the buzz indexes. Thanks, everyone!