P. L. Gamala

Our family farms use old-fashioned recipes and old-fashioned care to bring you fine, nutritious, traditional foods fresh from the farm. Our family lands include some of the finest old farms in central Italy, and our world-wide network of associates gives us unequalled access to the best wines and spices of the East.

I reside in Ostia, Italy, where my family has lived for many generations. I have the honor to sit on the town council, and for the past seven years I have been the priest of Vulcan.

I am delighted to receive visitors one Mondays and Fridays between noon and three. You can also reach me by phone (xxx-xxx-xxxx), email, post, or iChat.


As a member of the Town Council, I'm especially interested in making sure that our fine town is positioned for future strength and prosperity.

If you would like to contribute to the Public Entertainment Project, which offers a terrific program of summer attractions, please see my secretary Fido. Fido can also help resolve problems with municipal services -- garbage collection, water conduits, fire and building code waivers, and planning board petitions.

The Planning Committee will hold public hearings about restoring the temples in the theater district. These ancient temples require restoration and updating; suggestions about suitable architects and artists would be especially welcome.


If you would like to volunteer to serve at a public sacrifice or other festival event, please visit my secretary Privatus. Please keep in mind that the waiting list for summer festivals is quite long.

If your son is coming of age in the next two years, it's never too soon to start planning. Please reserve ceremony dates no less than six months in advance -- a year in advance is advised for peak summer and festival periods.

From the farm

Our family wine store has stood in the Wine Center for centuries, and has long been a landmark for visiting connoisseurs and for sophisticated travelers. You can sample the latest vintage from our Falernian estates in the dining room of The Peacock Hotel


Cheese (3 Apr 2005)

The other day, I ate a cheese sandwich while visiting the my old friend Egrilius, made with a pungent goat cheese from his Greek ranch. Egrilius always has his manager ship the family a case of aged cheese each Spring; they serve it at banquets year-round with caviar and imported, smoked fish.

This year, Egrilius was kind enough to have his ranch manager send a second case to my old secretary, Secundus, who now runs Seaside Gift and Gourmet. Drop by and try some!

April Showers (1 Apr 2005)

I hear from our Falernian estates that the spring tempests have been unusually violent this year. We hear of widespread damage, which will undoubtedly lead to high prices for this vintage. Fortunately, our own estates came through in fine shape, and we expect a fine (and delicious) crop.


1 May 2005: Greece

Start of summer vacation

10 May 2005: Athens

We'll be in Athens, staying with our old friends the Egrilius clan.

20 May 2005: Web dinner

Want to get together and discuss weblogs? We'll have a weblog dinner at the Twin Gladiators in Athens. Email me if you'd like to come.

17 Jun 2004: Corinth

We'll be moving to Corinth for a week or so, enjoying the summer breezes and seeing the games.

27 Jun 2004: Thebes

We'll be visiting some old, old family friends at their estate outside Thebes, and I'm really looking forward to those tasty eels! It'll be a month of the simple country life for us, free from business of all kinds.

1 Aug 2005: Rome

Then, it's straight to Rome for young Marcus Egrilius's birthday. We might have a weblog dinner in Rome, too, if there's enough interest.

15 Aug 2005: Returning Home

Back to Ostia, and back to business!

15 Nov 2005: New Wine

The new vintage of Falernian arrives. Gala celebration at The Peacock, with very special prices on all our finest wines. Reserve early, please.

Client Firms

My family has always prided itself on helping talented young servants to achieve independence and to build prosperous enterprises that benefit themselves and the town. We are almost always honored to serve as investors in, and patrons of, these fine enterprises.