Saturday, September 11, 2004

Cyborg Self

In TEKKA 6, George Landow reads William Mitchell's Me++:

Mitchell, a justly famous proponent of new technologies of communication, shares a good deal with the Victorian sages — Carlyle, Ruskin, and Arnold — and the Old Testament prophets who served as their inspiration.

Mitchell, an architect and authority on the intersection between the digital and the built environment, believes technology matters. Some dismiss this belief as naive American technodeterminism. It's almost automatic: as soon as you find a technology that matters, there's a professor at your elbow telling you that technology doesn't matter and besides it will cause untold harm in the hands of the American military-entertainment complex.

What confounds me is that these people think their staunch defense of the established order to be a profoundly liberal and leftist position. It's like the wingers who are voting for Bush because they think Clinton lied.

If you believe in Progress, you should get on with the job of building a better world. If you don't believe in progress, stop pretending you care about working people.