September 7, 2014

A Little Light Reading

A few days ago, I wrote about the 9-year-old who is at loggerheads with The Librarians. What might we get her to read? It happens that our host made a list of the proposed titles, which people here might enjoy. What we know about the 9-year-old in the case is that she’s already enjoyed Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, and To Kill A Mockingbird.

There are bound to be shocking omissions: don’t hit me but feel free to email. You might think some are a bit advanced for 9-year-old tastes, but of course everyone’s mileage varies and it’s bound to take a while to get through the whole list. (One the one hand, it’s only about 150 titles; on the other, some of those lead to extensive series.)

Adult books


To read to her sister

Apropos of nothing: I’ve read many of these books, but not all. I read only four of them for school; almost nothing that this group of fierce readers proposed was a book they had read for class. Three were read to me before I could read. My second grade teacher was Helen Doughty who, mid-year, transmogrified herself into Helen Lester. Could it be the same Helen Lester?