September 11, 2019
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Last month, I found myself standing on the top floor of Strand Books and looking at the manifestos and chapbooks of the Beats and the Sixties and I said to myself, “we should do more of that.” In healthy book worlds, people write books, and then other people write books in reply.

We don’t do that. We should.

We now know that the future of serious writing lies on the computer’s screen, and that writing for the screen means writing with links. Economics, technology, and our dire circumstances converge to make hypertext essential to our future, if we are to enjoy a future.

We know far too little about the craft of hypertext.

Our planet is burning. Our electronic networks, one of the crowning glories of our civilization, are crammed with the ravings of fools and the counsels of con men. Many of our governments are controlled by senile knaves or irrational zealots.

We can do better. Here are some steps.

Table of Contents

  1. Better Than Books
  2. We’re All Working For The Pharaoh
  3. Slaves Of Steel
  4. Minnesota Nice
  5. Writing The Unspeakable
  6. Quarterly: Some Reflections
  7. Style
  8. Systems
  9. Ophelia In My Pocket
  10. Hypertext In The Age Of Trump
  11. References

Paperback, 130 pages. isbn 1-8845-1156-2. Available October 1, 2019. Preorder now.

Mark Bernstein,
Intertwingled $29.95

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