January 14, 2001
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Life with Palm: At Eastgate, we're all walking around with PalmOS PDAs, learning how small computers really fit into business life. We know about calendars and address books; we're trying to learn what lies beyond (and how we can help get there)

It's interesting how little action I've found on the Web about integrating these little computers into your worklife. I've found plenty of sites that advertise shareware, but editorially the landscape seems bleak. Contrast the Mac world: where is the Palm news site like MacCentral, or the daily news feed like MacNN? Where are the rumors sites? The deal sites?

For example, the Palm lets you assign categories to all sorts of things. For some people, the categories are obvious. For some, they're mandated by corporate MIS. How should the rest of us use them?

Another example: how urgent is a priority 1 todo? Once a day? Once a month?